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When your heating system has broken down too often or is not operating the way it should to keep your home comfortable, you know it is time for a professional heater upgrade. H and L Air and Heat has completed thousands of upgrades to heating and air systems for homes and businesses in the Humble, Texas, and Greater Houston Metropolitan Area since 2004. 

Providing Upgrades for Heaters in Humble, TX

Older model furnace and heating systems had efficiency levels of 56 to 70 percent, while modern conventional systems may produce efficiencies up to 98.5 percent, using almost all fuel to heat that can be used to heat your home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Upgrading your heating system with a high-efficiency heater can result in trimming your heating energy bill and drastically cutting the pollution emitted from the system. Your heater or furnace may be out-dated, broken down, mismatched for the space it is supposed to heat or simply inefficient. The easiest way to upgrade your heating system is to replace it with today’s modern high-efficiency heating equipment. The most important consideration is to select an highly efficient heating system to save money on utility bills over the life of the new unit.

Complete Provider of Heating System Upgrades

Our heating system experts meet your customers on site to inspect and evaluate the heating needs of your home or business. We match the heating requirements with the many models of highly efficient equipment available on the market today, allowing you to choose which system is best for your needs and budget. We service customers who need heater upgrades in the Houston Metro Area, including: Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Tomball and The Woodlands.

Providing Services For Upgrading Heaters

There are many important reasons to upgrade your heating system to a modern efficient one, including the significant energy saving you will enjoy and the increased value your property will have over others that have old, poorly operating furnaces and heating systems. Heater upgrade also make your home or business safer as malfunctioning heat exchangers could be dangerous to your health. Plus, a new heating system can be fitted into much smaller areas, allowing you to recover valuable space often taken up by old large heaters or furnaces. A new heating system also will provide much more even heat throughout your home or business and with a new warranty, eliminate the worries of continual repairs and bills of patching up an old, poorly operating system.

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