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Proper duct installation is an important component of an efficient heating system for a home or business. Ducts are typically installed in crawl spaces and attics with difficult access for inspections and servicing. Ductwork with leaks, openings, tears, cracks, loose fittings and even full disconnections can occur, which significantly affects the efficiency of heating and air systems.

It is estimated up to 40 percent or more of air may leak though bad or damaged ductwork in a home or business. If your duct system is old, it should be inspected to evaluate any issues it has. If you are considering modifications to existing ductwork or need a new duct system in a new or existing property, contact the professionals in duct servicing and installation at H and L Air and Heat.

Providing Duct Installation in Humble, TX

H and L Air and Heat, Humble, Teaxs, has provided complete air conditioning and heating service, repair and installation, including duct installation, since 2004. Our qualified ductwork team can handle installation projects big or small from start to finish, including removal and recycling of old and damaged ductwork, sheet metal and other components of duct systems.

Complete Provider of Ductwork Installation

We provide complete service for duct installation, including inspection, repair, upgrading and installation of ductwork. Existing ductwork systems are evaluated for problems that may require repairs to connect detached sheet metal duct components, tighten connections, shore up leaks and replace damaged ductwork.

New installation, replacement or upgrades to an existing system require also require an evaluation. Typically a system layout design is required to maximize the airflow efficiency throughout the home or business. Airflow evaluation is important to prevent a large swing in cold and hot spots in a home or business. An effective plan will show the layout of the main trunk lines, branch supply ducts and configuration of the air registers and return air ducts in each area of the property.

Providing Services for Duct Installation

We service duct installation customers in the Houston Metro area, including:

  • Atascocita
  • Humble
  • Kingwood
  • Tomball
  • The Woodlands

Contact Us Now for Duct Installation

Turn to professionals when you need duct installation to maximize the efficiency of your entire air and heating system. Contact our friendly customer service department personnel who will schedule a convenient time for a duct installation expert to evaluate the requirements of your home or business in Humble, Texas, and the surrounding Houston Metro Area.
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