Residential Cooling & A/C Services

H and L Air and Heat, a leading provider of AC services, Humble, Texas, within the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, understands that living in our hot and humid subtropical climate, a properly working air conditioning system is not just an option, but a mandatory function for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Our highly trained air-conditioning service technicians are on call 24/7 for emergency AC service, even on holidays.

Proudly Serving Harris County, Texas

Our number one priority is getting your 100-percent satisfaction for home AC services, and we’re experts in finding the most-effective AC solutions for your family’s home, whether you live in Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Tomball or The Woodlands, Texas. Do yourself a favor, and call us to gain the confidence and peace of mind you deserve to select a residential AC service provider that does it right. We can inspect, diagnose, repair and service any issue your air-conditioning system is having. We truly understand why it is so urgent to having your air conditioning system serviced and repaired in a timely manner. H and L Air and Heat values its customers more than any other heating and air conditioning contractor in the Humble and Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. Our mission is to go beyond your expectations of air conditioning service.

Cooling Services Include:

✓ Cooling Repairs

✓ Cooling Installations

✓ Cooling Maintenance

✓ Cooling Replacements

✓ Cooling Evaluations

✓ Cooling System Upgrades

Air Conditioning Repairs

H and L Air and Heat is a certified dealer of American Standard products along with many other leading brands. If you want an affordable solution for your cooling needs, we recommend Ruud Air Conditioning units. Each unit comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty that we will honor.



Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we excel at providing accurate residential A/C repair solutions for your air conditioning needs. We understand how frustrated you feel when an air conditioning system malfunctions. In such cases, you can rely on H and L Air and Heat to diagnose and repair any kind of damages or system problems.


Is your air conditioning unit running constantly during the summer? We offer everything from new A/C system installation and A/C repair to annual A/C tune-ups. Many times, units can be repaired or service for reasonable costs. Keeping your filters changed every few months will also increase the longevity and efficiency of your unit.


H & L?

We always strive to help you get the best value for your money without compromising the system performance you need. Once our technicians have finished their analysis of your property and your needs, you will know how much a new installation or A/C repair will cost, whether you qualify for any rebates, and what are your best system options.




Interested In Scheduling One Of Our A/C Technicians For Air Conditioning Repair Services?

Call today to set up a convenient time for an A/C service technician to complete an affordable full-inspection and maintenance-check on your air conditioning system.


Air Conditioning Installations

When you need New A/C Installation, call H&L Air and Heat, the full-service air conditioning and heating contractors you can trust to service your home or business in Humble, Texas, within the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. There comes a time, whether it’s for a new construction, new A/C replacement or an A/C upgrade, when new air conditioning installation is necessary. Call us with confidence. H&L Air and Heat is the experienced leader in new air conditioning installation in Humble Texas, with a sharp focus on providing great customer service and satisfaction.


Comprehensive Installations For New A/C Systems

Our qualified new AC installation technicians are experienced to complete the job the right way whether your AC unit is malfunctioning and broken down for good or whether you are at the stage where replacing an old unit with a more highly energy-efficient AC unit makes the most sense. Our new A/C installations team has the experience and know-how to get the job down on time and on budget.

Providing New A/C Installation Services

The expert technicians at H&L Air and Heat can help you determine the most efficient and cost-effective options for new air conditioning systems to meet the requirements of your home in Humble, Texas, and in the Greater Houston Metro Area. We implement an exclusive, yet adaptable, 5-part approach towards administering our A/C installation services that has proven to be successful in nearly every air conditioning installation we are responsible for.


Our 5 Pillars Of Successful A/C Installations


An experienced certified A/C technician from H&L Air and Heat will meet you on site and determine which air conditioning unit is best suited to properly treat your commercial/residential property's air.

The certified A/C technician will perform a load calculation for your home and create an energy analysis to calculate the operating cost of the unit versus the yield of treated (cooled) air.

Our certified A/C technician at H&L Air and Heat will discuss with you comfort issues, specific preferences, and any "actionable" requirements that you may have for your home or business.

The certified A/C technicians we assign to your A/C project will determine budget parameters, preferred timeframes for service, and efficiencies of the air conditioning unit under consideration.

Now that all of the pertinent information is finally compiled, the certified A/C technician will offer you the most economically-prudent, energy-efficient, and cost-effective options available on the market to review.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The Numbers Seldom Lie Regarding An Optimized A/C System

The simple fact is this: regularly scheduled A/C maintenance Humble, Texas can significantly extend the life and energy efficiency of your existing air conditioning system. Call H&L Air and Heat, the A/C maintenance experts in Humble, TX, and the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, to schedule an inspection and/or tune-up of your property's cooling system.



Annual Upkeep Is Essential!

An easy-to-remember and basic schedule to consider is timing your AC maintenance sessions before the beginning of each season:


Late winter to early spring to prepare your air-conditioning system for the hot weather to come.

Ideally, an A/C unit should be serviced late summer or early fall to get the system ready for the cooler months.



Local A/C Maintenance Coverage

Members of the helpful and friendly customer service team at H and L Air and Heat are available to help you set up a maintenance check by the experienced technicians on our A/C maintenance service team. We serve home and businesses in Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Tomball and The Woodlands in the Greater Houston Metro Area.

a/c replacements

Air Conditioning Replacements

There comes a tipping point in the life cycle of an air conditioning system when the value, reliability and efficiency of moving ahead with A/C replacement Humble Tx exceeds the costs of constant repairs, downtime and aggravation of a malfunctioning, worn-out and broken-down air conditioning system. Call H&L Air and Heat for expert advice in options for replacement of air conditioning equipment in Humble, Texas, and the surrounding Greater Houston Metro Area.


The Time to Replace an A/C System

The decision to replace your air conditioning or heating system becomes much more clear when the system becomes older, inefficient or in need of repair and constant maintenance. Today’s air conditioning units are as much as 60 percent more efficient than those systems manufactured as few as ten years ago. Also, remember this: if an aging system does not undergo proper maintenance, functional deterioration of the system can diminish the real or potential energy efficiency of the system. Faced with costly repairs, replacing an expensive component or paying high utility bills as another cooling season approaches may be the deciding factors in your decision for A/C replacement.



How H&L Can Help

Our comfort advisers can discuss with you the options for replacing an air conditioning system and calculate what could be a substantial savings of utility costs, adding up to a favorable return on your investment. Plus, if you are considering financing the purchase, the monthly savings on your utility cost should be calculated to figure out the real monthly cost of A/C system replacement.

Whether your air conditioning unit just quit, has been running irregularly for a long time, is aging or inefficient, it’s certainly time to have the unit checked. If the unit is eight or more years old, has to be repaired regularly to keep it going, seems to run all the time or turn off again and again, shut down more than twice in the last year, fails to cool specific areas or your home or racks up high energy bills, it’s time to consider replacing your AC system.

ac inspections


Areas Of Coverage



Motor voltage


Temperature splits

Drain pans




Evaporator coils

Air handlers



Air Quality

Motor Amperage




Auto Cycling

Compressor's amp draw

ac inspections

Air Conditioning Upgrades

An AC system upgrade may become necessary when a system breaks down too often or is too old to run efficiently. So when is the right time for an air conditioning upgrade? For residents and business owners in the Humble, Texas, and surrounding Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, a call to H and L Air and Heat is the first step to help you determine when it’s the right time and the right financial decision to move ahead with an AC system upgrade.


System Efficiency Is Imperative

When you find that your home’s air conditioning system needs to be upgraded, improved or modernized, call H and L Air and Heat, Humble, Texas. Often, upgrading a home’s AC system will reap rewards of significant energy savings. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the air conditioning efficiency of a specific AC unit for a whole season, determining how much energy the unit will consume to heat a structure. A higher SEER rating corresponds to a more efficient AC unit and can help you determine which system is best for your home. You will also need to know which size system is most effective for your home. We can help you determine that.

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Complete System Upgrade Options

There are many reasons why your home may require an upgrade to its air conditioning system. Upgrading an air conditioning system depends on several factors, including:

Cooling Loads

New A/C System Designs

Integrating Smart Devices

Maximizing Energy Efficiency

System Service-Life

Changing Zoning Systems

Property Renovations

Improving Air Quality

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